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Activities and Natural Wellness Consulting
For the Love of Elders and their Caregivers

Consulting, Program Development and Educational Presentations for: Long Term Care, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Memory Care, Hospice, Home Care Services and Caregiver support.

Member of the Colorado Health Care Association & Center for Assisted Living


Nancy’s Story
Inspired by the love of her own grandmother, “Nanny”, Nancy has ten years experience in Long Term Care assisting in the establishment of a program and culture that supports a natural lifestyle for both those needing help with daily living and for the caregivers that provide that support.

Nancy offers a unique skill set and knowledge base to provide a diverse, natural program improving quality life and general well-being.

  • Certified Activities Consultant
  • Clinical Aromatherapist
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructor
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • National Wellness Educator
  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Food Science
  • Extensive experience in Corporate Quality Improvement Programs


This is What We Know:
We know that we would love to do more for those we care for, but there are limitations: financial, regulatory and cultural.

With the changes in healthcare reimbursement it is a good time to look at less expensive options to improve quality of life and a sense of well-being. Happy, healthy caregivers are key to premier care as their well-being transfers over to that of the care receiver. Natural solutions are often a less expensive option if utilized effectively.

With the advancement of Culture Change and the paradigm shift within state regulatory agencies, there is more support for natural non-pharmacological options for wellness.

As the generations change, so do the expectations. The people we care for are:

  • More likely to use natural healthcare options such as supplements, exercise and natural therapies. Or a influenced by family members who utilize natural health options.
  • 1 in 3 people aged 65+ are dealing with pain*
  • 50 – 70% of seniors living in a community environment suffer from sleep disorders.*

Offering a more natural lifestyle of care can be cost-effective, supported by regulatory agencies, and supports caregiver wellness by developing a less clinical lifestyle for the people that they help and can also elevate the standard of care.

*Information from the National Institute on Aging.


Today many people are turning to more natural methods to improve their health and well-being. Why? Because it is empowering and cost-effective, can be creative and fun, and because the science supports it.

Aromatherapy Study – Depression and Anxiety*
Aromatherapy: Does It Help Relieve Pain, Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Community-Dwelling Older Persons? The results: “The scores on depression, anxiety and stress decreased in the intervention group after the aromatherapy program, but there was an increase psychological distress in the control group.”

Aromatherapy Study – Sleep*
“Analysis of the effect size of aromatherapy on sleep indicated that aromatherapy significantly enhanced sleep.”

Aromatherapy Study – Falls*
Fall Prevention Using Olfactory Stimulation with Lavender Odor in Elderly Nursing Home Residents. The results: “There were fewer fallers in the lavender group than in the placebo group and the lavender group also had significant decrease in CMAI (Cohen-Mansfield Agitation Inventory) scores.

Aromatherapy Study – Dementia Related Agitation*
Aromatherapy as a Safe and Effective Treatment for the Management of Agitation in Severe Dementia. The results: “A 30% reduction in CMAI scores. Quality of life indices also improved significantly.”

Benefits of Meditation
Studies suggest that meditating can increase pain tolerance, activity levels, and self-esteem and decrease anxiety, stress, depression and use of pain medications.

Benefits of Yoga
More than 80% of yoga practitioners perceive reduced stress and improved sleep as a result of practicing yoga.

*Clinical study references available upon request. Can also be found on PubMed.gov. 


Contact Nancy to see how she can help enhance quality of life through natural approaches and activities consulting.

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